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Basics for Telehealth


We recommend a few things when doing telehealth to make your experience much like in the office:


1) Find a private or quiet location and tell your family to give you this time without interruption. This is vital. Make sure children and other family understaand how important this is for you.


2) Use a pair of headphones or earphones plugged into your computer or bluetooth headphones if using an ipad or iphone. This will help with privacy but also make it much easier to hear.


3) Be still. I know this might sound funny, but movement and video sessions do not mix well. Find a comfortable place, even in your car in the driveway is a perfect place. 


4) If using your computer make sure you have adequate lighting. Position your ipad, iphone, or computer in such a way that your face is viewable. Typically you will be 18 inches away from the camera. Try to sit rather than stand.

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